#KnowCoDA: Collaborative Discussion Agora

#KnowCoDA: Collaborative Discussion Agora

What is #KnowCoDA?

#KnowCoDA is a community of researchers - who want to build a non-hierarchical research and collaboration framework that emphasizes the need for free flow of ideas, questions, data, methods, and science. We believe that constant and curiosity-filled engagement with science is what would free it from already existing socially constructed hierarchies. Within this broad goal, the functional practices involve constant dialog and discussion that build on already existing frameworks such as osf.io. We are a co-op for ideas, exchanges, and co-evolution of best practices. We believe that every time we seek or offer to help, we grow.

Who is #KnowCoDA for?

#KnowCoDA is a discussion and knowledge sharing platform for scientists, researchers, scholars, and individuals with an infinite appetite for collaborations and advancement of science. If you believe that science and scientific knowledge needs to be available freely and is always open for discussion then #KnowCoDA is for you.

What can you do to join #KnowCoDA, collaborate, and contribute?

Connect to #KnowCoDA on Discord. It is easy to join-

  1. Write a mail to knowcoda@gmail.com or tweet/DM to @knowcoda
  2. You will receive a link that is active for 24 hours to join our Discord server.
  3. Raise questions, discuss, learn, and share!

KnowCoDA framework: What we believe?

#KnowCoDA is a unique non-hierarchical, collaborative discussion framework that facilitates free flow of ideas.

  • We believe that scientific development hinges on collaborations and cooperative principles.
  • We believe that we all benefit when our individual expertise enlightens and enlivens dialog.
  • We all have insatiable curiosity and we believe that ALL our questions are equally important for the advancement of science.
  • We believe that a non-hierarchical peer-learning based framework can lead to unbounded growth in our knowledge and understanding.

KnowCoDA framework: Who we are?

#KnowCoDA consists of collaborators, and yes, we are all collaborators, and other role based actors and enthusiasts. It is a cooperative and learning-prioritized network of:

  • Collaborators - Role: Conceptual
  • Peer mentor - Role: Technical/Conceptual
  • KnowCoDoer - Role: Technical and conceptual
  • KnowCoDataWiz - Role: Data acquisition and use protocols
  • KnowCoDExpert - Role: Experiment design protocol

Is there a KnowCoDA use case?

Our first use case is an open discussion forum that we will be participating in concurrent to an amazing set of talks, IndoPhon. We have mined the abstracts for these talks and have created separate channels on our server based on an TextRank algorithm. We are excited that our conversations will lead to several interesting projects essential for the growth of Phonetics and Phonology research in India and beyond.

What does KnowCoDA stand for?

#KnowCoDA stands for unending, unbounded, and unprecedented growth. Our fundamental belief is that we are all collaborators and our ability to cooperate and grow in this friendly, bias-free, non-hierarchical network of change agents will lead to joyous knowledge sharing and learning. Come join us and let us grow together…

#KnowCoDA participants will be expected to follow the Berlin Code of Conduct. Should you have questions, please send a mail to knowcoda@gmail.com.